ATOL - Dieppe

Mr Alexis LECOMTE and his team put their expertise at your service and provide you with quality advice and products. They listen to your visual needs and provide you with a personalised solution, while respecting your free choice of equipment and your out-of-pocket expenses

Adress : Centre Commercial du Belvédère - 76200 - Dieppe

Tel. : 02 35 82 39 79

AUDI - Dieppe

Adress : 21-25 Avenue Normandie Sussex – 76200 – Dieppe

Tel. : 02 35 06 90 90

AXA - Stéphane JEAN

As an insurer, we protect you, your loved ones and what you hold most dear through adapted solutions covering all your needs in car, home, health and provident insurance, etc.

To help you make the right choices, we offer you a free analysis of your situation and your needs. Let's meet to discuss it.

Adress : 56 rue de la Briqueterie - 76550 – St Aubin sur Scie
Tel. : 02 35 40 42 82

BIG MAT - Dieppe

Adress : zone bleue Louis Delaporte – 76 730 - Rouxmesnils –Bouteilles

Tel. : 02 32 90 21 21


Ideally located in Dieppe, the BMW Mini - Horizon Dieppe dealership allows us to remain close to all our customers. This site offers a quality after-sales service and offers new and used vehicles.

Adress : 200 Avenue Normandie Sussex - 76200 - Dieppe
Tel. : 02 35 40 28 73


Adress : 91 Rue de la Barre – 76200 – Dieppe

Tel. : 02 35 40 06 21

DS STORE - Dieppe

Turn your journeys into an experience with DS Automobiles. Come and discover all their new and used vehicles in their showrooms. Their DS Expert advisors will help you discover new forms of mobility: 100% electric and rechargeable hybrids. Their after-sales, spare parts and accessories departments are committed to advising and accompanying you throughout the process of taking charge of your vehicle in their workshops

Adress : 26 Avenue Normandie Sussex - 76200 - Dieppe
Tel. : 02 76 77 51 08


Established in DIEPPE since 1994, the Espace Immo Group specialises in the construction of custom-built houses.

Our company operates throughout the Seine-Maritime region, around Rouen, Dieppe, Le Havre, Gournay en Bray, Yvetot, Le Treport...

Recognised for the quality of its buildings and their meticulous architecture, the Espace Immo Group can build your new house entirely to your specifications and budget.

Adress : 8 rue Victor Hugo – 76200 - Dieppe
Tel. : 02 35 84 53 23


The Marchand company has been a family business since 1890. Its development has focused on three different activities: manufacturing and installing joinery and mirrors, supplying paints and wall and floor coverings and distributing all types of fuel in Dieppe

Adress : 14 Avenue Normandie Sussex -76 200 - Dieppe
Tel. : 02 44 10 14 78


E.I. Sturdza Strategic Management Limited ("Eric Sturdza Investments") is an independent, award-winning investment fund company with a reputation for delivering high conviction strategies in global markets, with a focus on European, US, Chinese, Japanese and global investment grade bonds, to private and institutional clients worldwide.

Offices in Geneva, London, Guernsey and Luxembourg
Tel. : 44(0) 1481 722 322




Fairways is the magazine of golf culture. A modern treatment, exclusive columns and a premium presentation make it an essential title in the golf press sector.

Adress : 29 rue Henri Barbusse – 92 110 Clichy, France



Galvin Green is a golf brand specialising in the design and supply of high performance clothing for golfers in over 20 countries.

Designed by golfers for golfers, the garments are designed to be versatile: they offer exceptional comfort, freedom of movement and protection against the wind and rain that all golfers dread

GOLF AVENUE - Val de Reuil 

Golf Avenue is a unique golf shop, offering a complete range of products for all golfers, from beginners to experienced players. Golf Avenue is one place, three areas:

A textile area offering trendy and new brands

An area dedicated to equipment including a putting green

An area with a repair workshop and a fitting area

Adress : 11 voie du Testelet - Lot 24 - 27100 - Val Reuil

Tel : 02 30 32 06 08

GOLF PASSION - Mont Saint Aignan

>Golf Passion is a commercial website with prices lower than the recommended sales prices of the brands, but also 3 shops in Normandy with specialists at your disposal, a wide and adapted offer of products, a passionate commitment and a state of mind. You will no longer have to choose between price and service.

Adress : PAT La vatine - Allée Raymond Aron - 76 130 - Mont Saint Aignan

Tel : 02 35 60 27 77


GRESHAM - Conseiller patrimonial - Rouen

Specialists in insurance and banking, we have built with conviction a range of solutions to meet your objectives, whether it is to build up your assets, enhance them or pass them on.

Adress : 41 Pl. du Général de Gaulle - 76 000 - Rouen 

Tel : 02 35 89 54 24

LE HARAS DE ROCQUIGNY - Cosmétiques au lait de jument

>Since 2009, Jean-Charles Siour (Bernard's son) has been making the most of the know-how that has been passed on to him. He perpetuates the family tradition of horse breeding, but with a new face. He created the SARL Laboratoire JC Siour and offers Essilac milk for food and Rocquigny cosmetics made from mare's milk produced at the stud farm.

Adress : 1, Haras de Rocquigny - 76730 - Gueures

Tel : 06 28 35 22 60
        07 81 69 97 89



JPC CARPENTIER, created in 1991, works in various fields such as: insulation, partitioning, lining, interior and exterior joinery and the installation of false ceilings. They have extensive experience and skills in these areas. They work on both new buildings and renovations.

Adress : Z.A De Torqueville – 76 630 – Envermeu

Tel : 02 35 04 27 19


>Are you looking for a new or used vehicle? Come to the Mercedes Benz Davis Dieppe dealership to discover their Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class and C-Class models .... as well as the smart fortwo and forfour. Also take advantage of their maintenance and servicing services.

Adress : 22 avenue Normandie Sussex - 76200 - Dieppe

Tel : 02 35 06 85 50


>The Paul Dangin & Fils brand and, above all, produces a refined champagne based
on the search for a balance between intensity and finesse

Adress : 11 rue du Pont – 10 110 – Celles sur Ource

Tel : 03 25 38 50 27


POINT P - Dieppe

Emblematic French brand specialising in the distribution of building materials. Point.P provides building professionals and private individuals with a wide range of building materials for structural and finishing work.

Adress : 26 cours de Dakar - 76886 - Dieppe Cedex

Tel : 06 44 64 66 26


Professional cleaning: offices, industrial, medium and large surfaces

Large-scale distribution: shopping centres, shops

Tertiary sector: administrations, communities, banks

Green spaces: maintenance, road sweeping, etc.


Adress : Parc du Talou – Rue André Voisin - B.P. 18 – 76201 Dieppe Cedex

Tel : 02 35 40 42 03


Specialising in the sale of golf equipment: accessories, textiles, etc., the So Golf shop offers a wide range of products for both competitive and leisure golfers. Trust our experts, golfers and enthusiasts, to select high quality golf equipment and guarantee your comfort.

Adress : 1 337 Le Petit Melmont – 76 480 Roumare

Tel : 02 32 96 12 92



Sysco is the world leader in the marketing and distribution of food and non-food products for catering professionals.

Sysco France is a group of employees who accompany you in your daily cooking with a unique positioning as a producer and distributor of fresh, frozen and grocery products

Adress : Zone Louis Delaporte, 76370 Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles

Tel : 04 78 66 38 00



The four shops of Elise DENOITTE

Rue Saint-Jacques are real references in ready-to-wear in Dieppe!

For both men and women, you will find a wide choice of brands

Open from Monday (afternoon only) to Saturday 7pm


Adress : Rue Saint Jacques

Tel : 02 35 82 43 73



The Volvik ball, always copied, never equalled! Find Volvik products on sale at the pro shop: bags, balls, gloves... something to please both young and old!


Tel : 01 30 37 82 00