In Dieppe-Pourville, the Golf Club has been actively committed for many years to preserving the exceptional site on which it is located.

The club has managed to set up beautiful virtuous circles that are its pride and maintain its reputation.

A-Water Protection

By reducing the frequency of watering while limiting it to small areas (greens and tees), the Dieppe Golf Course reduces felting and the appearance of diseases.

By collecting and storing rainwater but also installing an air compressor, it allows golfers to clean their equipment without wasting city water, resulting in substantial savings for the club's finances.

In addition, all irrigation systems have been modernised and contribute to more economical fluid management.

B-Soil protection

The club regularly informs its members of the respect of etiquette (repair of the pitch on the greens, replacement of torn divots) so that the golf course, fragile, is respected and preserved by all players. The adoption of these respectful behaviours is fundamental and is part of the teachings provided by the professionals present on the golf course (teachers and supervisors). For example, during competitions, flags are systematically moved to avoid turf fatigue.

At the same time, the maintenance of the golf course is entrusted to a team of competent and trained professionals who favour curative interventions, compost waste or carry out annual core drilling. By looking for the most suitable and resilient grass combinations, gardeners also encourage less use of fertilizers and save watering water.

C-Protection of fauna and flora

Located above the magnificent cliffs of Pourville in a park that the Dieppois are particularly fond of, the golf course is proud to welcome a large number of migratory birds and pollinating insects on its grounds.

The creation of a honey meadow, the installation of beehives, insect hotels and nesting boxes, as well as the maintenance of protected ponds, provide shelter and food for all those essential to biodiversity.

In 2023, the golf course has also chosen to plant about twenty apple trees (Boskoop, Elstar, Jonagold) as well as a hornbeam hedge (a local species) which will be reasons for the birds to rest and reproduce.

The practice of differentiated mowing at several points along the course also creates diverse, high-quality habitats that attract a multitude of insects, birds and mammals. In addition, this technique preserves soil moisture during dry periods (limiting watering), supports deeper rooting of grasses (strengthening them) and thus accommodates many beneficial insects such as ladybugs and hoverflies.

D-Protection against pollution

The golf course obviously practices sorting but also tries to turn off all the lights in the building at night in order to limit light pollution despite the use of LEDs and has been renting exclusively electric carts for a few years now.

The various wetlands along the route contribute to the filtration and purification of any contaminants.

But above all, golf is committed to reducing the dispersion of products that are harmful to health and nature so that the balance of this incredible working environment is disturbed as little as possible.

E-Public and Player Awareness

In 2024, the Dieppe Pourville golf course wishes to further promote the efforts put in place to preserve the environment by offering new educational communication materials (signs in the car park and all along the course, flyers at the ProShop) and plans to create targeted events (Green Competition, group reception and conferences) to address the concerns of people who know little about golf's commitments to the environment.

This dynamic is made possible by the presence of a specific Field and Environment Committee, the competence of the gardeners who are perfectly aware of the challenges that await us tomorrow and the very strong desire of the Administrative Council to work in this direction (regular investments, modernization of equipment, personal ethics of the president and his collaborators)

2-Bronze Label for Biodiversity for the Dieppe Pourville Golf Course

In 2022, with the support of the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, the Golf for Biodiversity Programme awarded the Dieppe Pourville Golf Course the Bronze label "golf for biodiversity" created in 2018, a pledge of the club's commitment to improving the knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the natural heritage present on the golf course.

This recognition recognizes all the efforts made by golf and encourages its desire to be even more innovative in this field.

A veritable lung of 50 hectares at the gates of Dieppe, this huge park is one of the 80 or so golf courses awarded out of the 600 existing courses in France.